Asset & Facility Management

Majuperak has in excess of 3,000 acres in its land bank inventory. The revenue gained from land businesses are Land Rental (to maximize the land used before any development commences), Land Royalty (for minerals) and Joint Venture for extraction of mineral. Majuperak also offers rental spaces for businesses through assets owned such as commercial buildings, complex, shop houses, and wedding hub. Our services are also includes screening potential tenants and managing preventive maintenance to assure the highest level of our tenants’ satisfaction.

As for Majuperak Urus Sdn Bhd (MPU), one of the subsidiaries of Majuperak, it is a Facilities and Energy Management Services company that provides professional services across a wide range of industries such as providing Energy Conservation Management Services and Clinical Support Services. Currently, MPU is supporting 10 Clinics for the Ministry of Health in Terengganu with services that includes:-

• Facility Engineering Maintenance Services (FEMS)
• Cleansing Services (CLS)
• Clinical Waste Management Services (CWMS)
• Corrective Maintenance (CM).