Asset & Facility Management

Majuperak Holdings Berhad's AFM department is an indispensable pillar of the company's success, responsible for optimizing the performance and longevity of its extensive portfolio of assets. With a commitment to excellence, the department encompasses experienced team who meticulously oversee the maintenance of the company's diverse real estate holdings as well as land bank inventory. The AFM department ensures the seamless functioning of these assets, fosters sustainable practices and enhances the overall value of MHB’s investments. Through its strategic approach and dedication to delivering top-notch services, the department plays a vital role in MHB’s pursuit of being a leading player in the industry.

Majuperak Holdings Berhad (MHB) has a land bank inventory that totals more than 3,000 acres. Operations of the land banks cover land rental and joint venture projects for mineral extractions which are among the core roles of AFM.

Besides land, MHB also provides space rentals through its ownership of properties such as Bazar Ipoh, Wisma Majuperak and Brewster Village. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our tenants, MHB ensures its services of facility cleaning and preventive maintenance are closely monitored. MHB takes pride in its role as the asset management company behind the iconic Bazar Ipoh.

Committed to ensuring the sustainable growth of this beloved landmark, MHB continues its transformative journey post-pandemic through its Asset Revitalization initiatives and its core focus is on Bazar Ipoh.

By fostering collaborative partnerships with esteemed local businesses, MHB consistently elevates visitors' experience at Bazar Ipoh.

By fostering a sense of ownership and pride among residents, MHB secures Bazar Ipoh's place as a cherished community asset.

In total, there are 64 lots occupied by various tenants in the area.

• Foodcourt Tenants - 20 lots
• Kiosk Tenants - 5 lots
• Retail Tenants - 3 lots
• Bazar Tenants - 27 lots
• Office Tenants - 7 lots
• Restaurant Tenant - 1 lot
• Carwash Tenant - 1 lot