Strategic Business

Renewable Energy





In diversifying its activities and exploring other avenues, MHB recently ventured into renewable energy.

Its subsidiary, Majuperak Energy Resources Sdn Bhd, owns and operates three Solar Energy Power Plants in Keramat Pulai, Simpang Pulai.  The three plants operate under the Feed In Tariff Renewable Energy Act 2011, and collectively generate 1,900 MW of electricity per annum.

While generating revenue for the company, this business is reflective of the Group's efforts towards contributing to green and clean energy.








With its vast tracts of land, one of Perak’s natural resources is bamboo which grows in abundance in the forests.

PKNP has a concession of 2,000 hectares in Gerik for the harvesting of raw bamboo which is operated by Majuperak Go Green Sdn Bhd. Activities in the bamboo industry encompasses downstream processing and manufacturing at the Bandariang Industrial Estate.

MHB plans to be a leader of Malaysia’s bamboo based industry, supported by an anchor research and development sector with a focus on sustainable green production.  It is looking to expand the current product range of toothpicks, chopstick, satay skewer and prayer stick to encompass a wider product range including clothing, paper, medicine and construction materials.



Nexus Jade Sdn Bhd (“NJSB”)





NJSB has been appointed as the sole supplier for all merchandise items to be retailed at Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS). NJSB also supplies all kinds of merchandise and branded premium gift items which are popular among cllients, be it government agencies, corporate bodies or individuals. The merchandising business through NJSB is one of the main source of revenue to the Group.




Brewster Village




Brewster Village Sdn Bhd is located at Majuperak Holdings Berhad Complex in Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan. The location hosts a facility which focus on entertainment events such as weddings, corporate banquets, birthday celebration as well as offering Ramadan buffet complete with a banquet hall, catering services, grooming, carpark and accommodation.